Little experiments

I try, I share.


Back to the main purpose of this blog: a new dynamic langage is coming !
Its name: Golo !

The first release is in a close future and all you get on the official website is basic information.
Hopefully, Julien Ponge, father of Golo, has started to speak during public talks.

The first one took place February 7th at the Lava Jug.
You may have a look to the slides and video (in French this time).

The second one took place yesterday, March 19th, at the Lyon Jug.

The next step will be at the Devoxx France event, during a dedicated Tool in Action session.

All we can hope is a release at that time ;)

Add a Comment System

Say what ?
Can’t comment on my blog ?
Hulahup ! Barbatruc !

Just edit the _config.yml file of my Octopress and edit the disqus shortname:

# Disqus Comments
disqus_short_name: littleexperiments
disqus_show_comment_count: false

Ok, ok, I had to connect to Disqus and create the corresponding shortname.
But that went pretty fast !

First Steps With Octopress

First, I have to admit that using Octopress was just a kind of random choice.
I was looking to something to blog before my posts on the “langage I’ll soon name” ;)

To blog means to have a place to do it. As I wanted to experiment with Heroku at the same time, I just googled “install blog on Heroku”.
The first link was about Octopress: that’s the whole story :)
This first link is a good summary of both the Octopress install and the Heroku deployement.

The only issue happend when I had to install bundler.

gem install bundler
bundle install

The bundle install step was failing with an error message about RedCloth.
I wasn’t alone with this issue.
My solution on a Ubuntu 12.04 was to do:

sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1-dev

No other issue after this: Octopress combined with Heroku is a true fun and useful thing.

For example, I realized that the default application name registered by Heroku was murmuring-plains-6468.
Not something easy to remember and nice to publish with.

No problem, Heroku has the solution:

heroku apps:rename titimoby

Tadaaa: this blog is now

A New Blog, a New Experiment

Just because I’m playing with a new language that is not yet officially released, I had to waste my time with another personnal project ;)

So I decided to jump simultaneously into:

  • Octopress
  • so I had to see a little bit of Ruby world
  • and then choose Heroku that I had looked not so long before.

my new world is made of things like the code below ;)

rake new_post[]

I now have to understand a minimum set of markdown tips and prepare some articles to be ready for the launch of the language that I shall not name ;)